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    First... any one know of a good site off hand where I can purchase small frisbees for a good price?

    Second, I'm REALLY hoping to teach Jackson how to catch one in mid-air this summer.

    He's really developed a great drive for the frisbee over the past year. For the first year of his life, he wouldn't even really play fetch. So I had to teach him how fun THAT was (his favorites are Orbee balls). He'll play out back or in the house for a while down our long hallway, but I still can't get him too interested in fetching other places (i.e. the park, or anywhere with a lot of smells and more interesting things going on).

    But now, I have these little plastic discs from Petco (that are all pretty beaten up and chewed, so need new ones) and I LOVE when I see him just sooo excited when I pull them out. I'm just so thrilled to see him with so much drive for them. We get outside, he's on a long line that I let him drag, and he's jumping up and down focused on the frisbees when I am holding them.

    And he's chasing them longer than ever lately. He used to get bored with it after about 10 minutes - now he's usually going for 15-20 (and often uphill) and just loving chasing after them. Occasionally I have to give him the reminder to bring it all the way back with a slight tug on the leash, because sometimes he stops mid-way and begins to chew on the disc (he has a thing for plastic).

    As a reward for bringing it back, I've been using one of the chewed up ones as a tug toy. Which, again, I LOVE seeing his drive and how strong he's pulling as this is not a dog who is normally motivated or into tug or toys (he's a food mongrel).

    So basically, right now, I can throw it directly at him from 1-2ft away and he can catch it. But HOW can I keep him to run and actually CATCH it from up in the air. He does mostly follow it with his eyes, but he lets it drop on the ground first.

    Any other frisbee dog owners wanna chime in? :)

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