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Discussion in 'Dog Food and Recipes' started by MayasMom, Feb 25, 2009.

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    My vet has diagnosed Maya with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. She was having blood in her feces and vomiting often, sometimes bloody vomit as well. We have it under control now with medication, but he put her on Science Diet I/D. I am not a fan of science diet, I know there are better foods out there, but I'm at a loss as to what she can eat. The I/D is considered hypoallergenic and bland so as not to irritate her stomach, but the ingredients are not what I would like for her. The first ingredient is corn and the first meat listed is chicken by product meal. Her stomach issues appear to be under control, but other than that, I'm not happy with her results on this food. She is still happy and active as always, but I notice a difference in her coat from how it looked on Eagle Pack.
    Science Diet, Purina and Eukanuba are my vets favorite foods to recommend and this is not the first time he has criticized my choice of food, even though I did a lot of research before deciding what to put the dogs on. As a matter of fact he told me to get Murphy off of Eagle Pack as well and onto a higher quality food (but in puppy formula since he needs to gain weight) like Eukanuba or Purina. I love my vet other than our differences on what makes a good food. I kept Murphy on Eagle Pack for now since otherwise he does well on it, but we switched to puppy formula. He was missing hair on his chest and feet when we got him, and it has grown back, and his coat looks really good. Turns out Murphy is probably younger than we thought he was, and since he is so high energy he probably should have been on puppy food when we first got him. If the puppy food doesn't help him gain weight, then I will start looking for other foods.
    So if anyone knows of any food that we may be able to try for Maya I would appreciate the advice. We will have to buy a small bag and make sure it doesn't irritate her stomach, but hopefully there is something out there that I will feel better about keeping her on long term.

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