Florida statewide pet store demonstration

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    March 8, 2004
    re: Statewide Pet Store Demonstrations

    On Saturday, May 8th, the day before Mothers Day, there will be pet
    store demonstrations held throughout the State of Florida, in a
    massive effort to educate the public about puppymills. We are
    notifying as many rescue groups and shelters as we possibly can,
    and asking if you all could possibly help the cause by arranging for
    demonstrations in your area or to attend a demonstration that has
    been arranged. We had a fairly good turnout for the two recent
    demonstrations that were held down here. Many of those that attended
    were either from rescue groups/shelters or had a horrifying
    experience with pet store puppymill puppies. As you are probably
    well aware, new pet stores are opening up all over. Here in Broward
    County, the numbers are unbelievable. We know that there are many
    others throughout the state that feel as we do about pet stores and

    If we could some how pull this off, this could be the most eye
    opening event ever in Florida. But we can't do it without your help.
    You would have to contact your local police, city hall or code
    enforcement, to find out if a permit or letter of authorization is
    needed. More than likely something is required. They will probably
    want at least 1 weeks notice, but it would be better to check with
    them. They will or should give you the do's and dont's as well.
    Some cities do not allow signs on sticks (no sticks) or bullhorns. You
    certainly want to inform them that this is going to be a peaceful

    It is important that we have an idea as to how many people are
    participating, and which part of the state they are in, so that we
    know which areas will be covered. We are planning to contact the
    media here in south Florida and encourage you to do the same for
    your area. We will attempt to also have it reported/announced on
    national news, providing we know which areas are demonstrating. Can
    we count on you and your rescue organization, friends, neighbors and

    Please try to assist in this effort, and contact others that may also
    be able to help. Please email me at: tvs5146@bellsouth.net

    Thank you,
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    Great effort, Terri!

    Fortunately, here in east Tennessee, there aren't many pet stores that sell animals. A few pop up every once in awhile, but they go out of business in pretty short order. Of course, we do have a lot of hobby breeders, and I'm sure some backyard breeders, but people figure out pretty quickly that there just isn't "big money" in puppies. My Charlie used to breed European Dobermans and the veterinarians actually recommended his pups to people who wanted Dobies and were willing to pay well for one, but it was still always something that he did out of the love of the dogs, since it never really made any money.
    We plan to raise Filas in the future (we won't be breeding Shiva, the oldest, until she is two), but I've laughed at Charlie because he's said time and time again that we'll probably keep ALL the puppies. I can't imagine!

    Keep up the good work. I wonder what it is about places like Florida that makes them conducive to pet stores as opposed to areas like the one where I live that pet stores can't seem to survive?
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    Tallahassee Florida
    our weather is great for breeding cuz its never really to cold **** heat lol and there are people here who will buy them
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    Terri, I also want to say what a great thing to do! I hope it's very successful!

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