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    Please have a look at our new website, E-mails From Shilo.

    "Shilo, a golden retriever, writes email to his net pal in an humorous and touching illustrated book great for the whole family."
    The book is available in paperback at:
    Powell's Books
    You can also access the retailers right from the website. I will post again when all the e-book versions come out, but it is now available on Mobipocket.com.

    Here's the write-up:
    There is more to being a dog than looking cute, chasing squirrels or figuring out how to get along with the resident cat - as the "mom" of Shilo, a rescued Golden Retriever, discovers when she uncovers a mysterious folder in her computer filled with nearly two years' worth of e-mails - from Shilo to Max, her sister's dog.

    We see this world through his eyes and interpreted through his canine sensibilities. Shilo's underlying apprehension is that perhaps, like his first family, his new family may not want him anymore, that they too could suddenly disappear one day. This emotional experience gives his world a sympathetic perspective and forces him to deal with some very tough issues of his own. It is his surprising discussions with his friend, sage and mentor, a Basset Hound named Sammy that gives Shilo's stories a mysterious twist. Sammy reveals the lore and history of the wolf and the wisdom they passed along throughout the ages to the dog world.

    As a student philosopher, Shilo endeavors to comprehend life as he lives it with his family and friends and ventures to resolve the true meaning of who he is. As an explorer, he is curious yet mystified by his experiences: human behavior, emotions, music, snow, death, Christmas trees, TV and always… cats. “E-mails from Shilo†starts as a story about an amiable, curious, and very confused dog - and ends up an inspiring adventure for humans of all ages. It is a tale of self-discovery, responsibility, companionship, humor, friendship and love.

    This book is filled with more than 50 illustrations.

    Please let us (Shilo and I) what you think. If you are a retailer, we of course have a high discount for you!
    Shilo and Susan

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