Dylan's Strange Eating Habits

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    When Dylan was a young puppy, he did what other puppies normally did. He put anything and everything in his mouth that he could find. One of the first times I brought Dylan to my grandmother's, he got a hold of a pair of my grandmother's nylon stockings. Before I could get them away from him, Dylan swallowed the nylon stockings. I had to take him to the vet and he had to induce vomiting. Another time, my grandmother was making homemade bread when Dylan jumped up on the table and tried to eat a hunk of raw bread dough.

    When Dylan was still a puppy, he liked to drink the warm water out of the bathtub when I was taking a bath. Every time I would take a bath, Dylan, like clockwork, was there along side of me drinking out of the bathtub. One time when I was taking a bath, Dylan was no where in site. I knew right away, he was up to something. I wondered what he was doing. I had just finishing eating chicken and potato wedges. I knew he could not be eating the bones because I threw them away. But then I quickly remembered that I forgot to put away the chicken and potato wedges. I quickly got out of the bathtub to see what Dylan was doing. I found him in my bedroom. Dylan had just finish eating half a box of potato wedges and was ready to start on the chicken. I snatched the chicken away from him and went back into the bathtub.

    A week after the bathtub incident, I was taking another bath. Again, Dylan was nowhere in sight. I wondered what he was doing. I had no food out. All of a sudden, Dylan comes walking into the bathroom with a bottle of ketchup sticking out of his mouth with the cap off. All I could do was laugh.

    Once, I left a whole bag of tootsie roll pops on a kitchen chair. When I came home, I discovered Dylan ate the whole bag, minus the stick and the paper wrapping. Luckily for Dylan, he did not get sick.

    I use to work at a movie theater. There were many times I would run a movie by myself after working a shift. When this happened, I usually would go home and get Dylan. When we got to the theater, I would take the leash off of him and let Dylan run free. It was like Doggy Disneyland for Dylan. He would run around like crazy, eating popcorn off of the floor and sniffing candy wrappers. The funniest thing was when Dylan would stick his head inside of a popcorn container and run around the theater with it on his head. But letting Dylan run loose in the movie theater did have its drawbacks. Every time I took Dylan to the theater, he would always find a spot where he would take a crap.

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