Doing Fine, But as usual, questions.

Discussion in 'Dog Training Forum' started by Doggish.Obsession, Sep 17, 2006.

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    So my current dog, Happy, is fine. We're still working on the housetraining though, and he's not biting as hard.

    Question: Sometimes while Happy and I are playing, he bites down on my hand. I instantly squeal, and he jumps up and frantically licks my face. Is that an apology or...? ALSO: Would that be bad, letting him bite me like that sometimes while we're playing?


    So like I said, everything's going fine. But here's the thing. My aunt, when Happy was born, decided to get a pup too. Its a teeny little thangg named Jangu, and no other way to put it, PSYCHO. You cant hold him in your arms without having it wriggle and go nuts. And whenever it sees me, it pees a little bit. And I was checking the pup over, and it doesnt have half its shots, and theres mats in its fur all over the place.

    Without asking me, my mom goes, "Yeah sure, I'll keep him."

    Dun dun dun....

    And my mom is tight on money right now, and we cant get it's shots... or we might just not. (I didnt ask. But I'll be neverous if it doesnt get its shots anyways.)
    And also, at the sight of each other, they playfight. Well, I think its playfighting. They growl and growl, and the smaller one, Jangu, yaps and yaps, because Happy's much bigger than it, and Jangu's always getting bowled over. Chaos.

    (Truthfully, I panicked and bought like three dog-behavior books. >.< :lol-sign: gotta return one at least.)

    And yeah! But the thing is, I really dont want to say no. We're thinking that maybe it'll be better anyways, because they'll be no more howling at the bottom of the stairs at night, begging for me to come down and play.

    Okay okay. This whole thing was a mess. Lemmie rewrite in simple words.

    So maybe Happy will be happier with the company of another dog.
    But Jangu has mats and he still needs his shots!
    Jangu is housetrained. He pees in the right place. Happy is still having a few accidents.
    Jangu bolts out the door as soon as you open it. Happy sits there, staring mournfully after you.

    Chaosx2 or Happy and Jangu merrily playing?

    P.S. Both are 9 months old.
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    It sounds like play biting. As long as when you say "no" or squeal and Happy stops biting I would say it's ok. Some may tell you otherwise. :) Just don't let it go to far.

    Jangu sounds like he hasn't been trained at all. He probably needs puppy kindergarten and other training classes to help him listen. It also sounds like he needs more exercise is he's THAT nuts/wriggly/bouncy.

    If you are worried about whether or not they will get along then seperate them when you are gone and put them together only under supervision. They must get used to each other. It sounds like they are just play fighting, but if it gets to aggressive or one starts 'crying' because of a nip, make sure you put a stop to it and give them their own toys.

    If you don't like the yapping, or it's at inappropriate times, get a no bark collar (the kind that sprays, not shocks). Possibly crate train both of them as well.

    You definitley need to invest in the puppy vaccines, a trip to the groomer (probably a flea dip as well), and some professional training.

    JMO - :) Hope it helps.
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    ^^^^ Ditto!!!!!!!

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