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    Mar 11, 2009
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    Breed: GSD
    Age: 2
    Weight: 80+
    Acquired from: a breeder
    Nickname(s): Romey
    Favorite toy: things that move.
    Favorite treat: anything with a high protein content
    Favorite sleeping spot: anywhere
    Likes: chasing things, biting things, food, watching over "his" property
    Dislikes: being inside, being restrained either physically or verbally when he wants something (this is when the screaming starts)
    General Disposition: clever, serious, intense, ambitious, driven, submissive w/ family, annoying, nosy, watchful
    Other: he opens up locked doors, this is not good.
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    Oct 13, 2009
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    4 dogs
    Name: Daisy (Daisy Duke Garrett, CGC, RN)
    Breed: Basset hound
    Age: 9.5 years
    Weight: 36lbs
    Acquired from: I stole her from my boyfriend, who got her as a 16th birthday gift from a backyard breeder of sorts... the fact that she's tiny and put together nicely is amazing ;)
    Nickname(s): short stack, buddy, dais, little long dog, the littlest hound
    Favorite toy: Buster, our foster dog... occasionally she will get really revved up and pick up a dirty sock.
    Favorite treat: she likes anything edible, but is partial to hot dogs and people food.
    Favorite sleeping spot: under the covers, head on my pillow, with my arm around her. She is ridiculous.
    Likes: me. food. waking up to a new world every day ;) working, shockingly enough. cuddling. being toweled off after a bath.
    Dislikes: being without me. having her ears cleaned and nails trimmed.
    General Disposition: intelligent, thoughtful, happy-go-lucky, focused.
    Other: Hoping to take her all the way to an RE and CD!

    Name: Liz (GRCH 'PR' Hanna's Creek Liz)
    Breed: Plott
    Age: 6
    Weight: 46lbs
    Acquired from: a breeder
    Nickname(s): Lizzie, Lizard, Lisbon, Izzard, skinny mini, super model
    Favorite toy: tennis balls, her chipmunk that makes noise when she bites it.
    Favorite treat: bread! she LOVES rolls and pizza crusts and just generally has a fit whenever anyone is eating a bread product (but cannot be bothered to lift her head from the couch for beef stew!); also loves hot dogs and string cheese
    Favorite sleeping spot: on the couch, especially if someone happens by and covers her with a blanket; or if on my bed, at the foot against my legs with the comforter over her.
    Likes: squirrel hunting (she hates a squirrel), coonhunting (she is scared of raccoons but enjoys walking in the woods at night), working, showing
    Dislikes: being yelled at (she's very soft), puppies, having her nails trimmed, raccoons, dogs humping her when she's not in season; Daisy trying to sit next to her on the couch.
    General Disposition: intelligent, loyal, sweet sweet SWEET, tons of heart, versatile.
    Other: didn't get her until she was 4 (2 christmases ago), started training this past spring... hoping for a CGC and an RN in the near future - the sky is the limit!

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