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    Happy National Pet Appreciation Week!

    In Honor of National Pet Appreciation Week, Green Mountain Pet Professionals is having a Dog Photo Contest! The top 20 dog photos I have taken to date are posted at the webpage below. Please be sure to vote for your favorite photo. You can vote for as many dogs as you wish, but please do not vote for any one dog more than once per family member.
    The dog with the most votes on May 31,2008 will receive a customized prize package of toys and treats!
    Visit the website below to view the top 20 Photos and cast your vote now!. Watch for a Cat Photo Contest next month!
    Be sure to e-mail the page link to all your family and friends so your favorite dog can get lots of votes.
    Don't forget to do something special for your pets this week in honor of National Pet Appreciation Week!
    Thank you!
    Green Mountain Pet Professionals

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