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    My current piano is no longer functioning. I'd say about 10 keys on it have decided they don't want to work anymore (you push them down and they just stay down) and they aren't keys you can just play around. This piano was also going to be something temporary, but it still makes me sad. (On that note, anyone know how to fix dead keys?)

    I can't have an acoustic piano due to frequent moves in my future, so I'd like to go ahead and save up for a high quality digital piano. I want something with grand piano feel, if possible. Full keyboard is a must. I'm not a beginning piano student (have played for over 17 years now) and I have yet to have a piano that actually let's me work on my technique due to shoddy response/keys not working. When I played on my friend's baby grand I was in heaven.

    Need something that can be broken down and transported easily, preferably one that doesn't take up much space.

    I've been looking at the Yamaha digital pianos, but wasn't sure which model number was best. At this point I'm hoping to spend around $1,500, but would be willing to spend more on a quality instrument.

    Bells and whistles aren't really needed...but I understand they're going to be featured. Those have no consideration, though...I'm mainly interested in the sound quality and feel.

    Anybody have any experience with digital pianos?

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