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    In "Soldier Dogs" they explain that many of the dogs in training are dog aggressive. They're being trained to find IED's, ignore gunfire, and keep the humans alive. Being social with other doggies is not a requirement. So if they're in the field drilling The crotch maneuver blocks the dogs vision long enough for the other dog to get out of sight. With the heat and heavy equipment the handlers don't need to be breaking up fights too.

    If I may clarify, I'm just suggesting that it's good to read the body language of owners and dogs when you're walking...I would give the same courtesy to other people. I almost never walk Sophie in our neighborhood because there ARE too many triggers...and it's not safe, I know that...even a block to the post office...and never after dark anywhere

    In comparison when we walk in the woods she is a social butterfly and has instant recall, unless you're a chipmunk she does wonderfully in quiet open spaces.
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    In a perfect world...

    Sadly, IME most people can't read their own dog and think that when their precious little furball turns into a snarling beast, it's "just how he says hi".

    As for that poster, I need to get it made into a t-shirt. ;)
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    I would also add that of course everyone has the right to walk their dog wherever they wish. But if you've ever lived in an urban area, you learn what streets aren't worth the hassle. In a city enviroment you also know there are owners and dogs who are just better to avoid. It's just the way it is.

    News report from Newark the other day. It was a falling out over a parking place.

    You can argue right of way all you want...but I personally would not want to get into a confrontation with this woman over anything...

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