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  1. OMG...I just watched the HBO documentary Dealing Dogs. I can honestly say that I'm still in shock at the disgusting conditions and how these innocent dogs were treated...I had no clue that the government actually allows people to have kennel licenses to sell these animals to the labs and schools across the country. I was in tears through most of the documentary. A lot of the dogs there were suspected of being some one's pet that was stolen and sold to the kennel. I couldn't help but think what I would do if I found out my dog had be taken to one of those places. So sad that people do this kind of stuff to animals and don't think that they are doing anything wrong...
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    They were raised for labs?
  3. There are laws that say they can only take dogs from breaders that have the raised the dogs from birth. ( to curb the theft of dogs i guess) I guess some breaders raise the dogs for this reason. From what I got though a lot of the dogs in the kennel were stolen from owners and sold to this particular dealer in who in turn sold them to labs for research.

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