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Discussion in 'Dog Training Forum' started by corgi_love, Aug 17, 2008.

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    RR has told me some great tips to start out with, but since I really don't know what I'm doing I'd love to hear more..

    I found a class about 30 minutes from here, but since she is only 9 weeks I obviously can't bring her. She's getting her 3rd round of shots at the end of this month(is it safe after that?)

    So right now I'm going to start by getting her to stand still on the grooming table I have. Anything else? What next and when?

    Thanks in advance. I'm so excited :D
  2. Really, the most important things at this age are:

    SOCIALIZATION!!! Once you get those next shots, get her out to EVERYWHERE, as often as you possibly can.

    BAIT FOCUS: Teach her attention (play the "Look Game") and teach her to look at bait in your hand. Remember that one second is a long time for a pup. You have to be quick with your markers and rewards in the beginning. :D

    STAND STILL: Do this on the grooming table with the puppy positioned with front feet right at the edge of the table. OF course you will be standing very close by and controlling her with the collar so she does not take a dive off the table. ;)

    WALK ON LEASH: use food praise and smiles to teach her to come along happily.

    You will benefit from going to the class without the pup, and then start taking her when you feel comfortable having her out after the next shots.

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