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Discussion in 'Dog Grooming Forum' started by Barnbabe0127, May 29, 2013.

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    Hello, Im going to grooming academy and I need stuff teehee

    First of all I need 2 speed clippers, I'm going andis and i'm wonder what model andis 2 speed?????

    Second of all I need shears, my problem is I'm weird about stuff not matching, so i want a whole matching set..but the sizes i have to have are odd and i'm having a hard time finding all that i need in one set. so i'm gonna have to deal with it.

    but anyways what brand of shears would you guys recommend?
    I like so far Geib Entrees and Heritage (maybe stilleto or saber)

    What do you guys think is better? I know tons of ppl like the geibs and some people have a problem with the heritage..BUT they will get sharpend for free...

    this is so confusing!!the sizes i need are:
    8 1/2 straight
    8 1/2 curved
    6 1/2 straight
    6 1/2 curved with ball point
    6 1/2 thinning

    Thank you!!:cool:

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