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    Chico is now 3 months and already about 4 weeks with us now. For the first 4 weeks, we put her in the box at night, so if she wants to pee or poo, she just needs to whine, then we will bring her outside. Gradually within the 4 weeks, we moved her box from our sleeping room, to the hall, and now to the kitchen. Until that time, it's still no problem. She can sleep there, quietly, in her box.

    And at the last week, we don't have to wake up several times anymore, because Chico can sleep the whole night through, until about 6.30 in the morning. So, I assume that she already can hold her bladder during night.

    And now, at her 3 months, we start to let her sleep no more in the box. We put her in the kitchen, and we put baby gate, so she cannot escape from the kitchen.

    But apparently, during the night, she pee and poo on the kitchen floor. At day, she almost never peeing especially pooing in the house. It's no problem with me, if she's whining or calling us, to open the door for her to pee or poo outside. So, basically, she didn't do that.....We already try that for 3 days, but it wasn't luck. She keeps peeing and pooing on the kitchen floor.

    My question, is she still to young to sleep outside the box? And another thing, how to make her whining if she wants to go outside??

    She's too sweet! Really too sweet!! :)

    Check her picture here:
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