Can I brag on our training school for a minute?...

Discussion in 'Dog Training Forum' started by MicksMom, Nov 30, 2010.

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    Some of you may remember that Petra Ford and Tyler, 2 time NOI winners, and 2nd place (tie) at Crufts, train where Caleb & I do (in fact they live only a few miles from us). Well, not only are they competing at the Invitational again this year, so is Top Dog's owner/training director, Betsy Scapicchio and her awesome Golden, Dealer, and Shirley Barkan and her Poodle, Abby (they've been runner ups for something like 4 years now), plus two other Top Dog students. That's 5, yes 5 Top Doggers at the Invitational!!!

    Top Dog Obedience School

    So now do you all understand why I'm so unsure of Caleb and me when it comes to obedience?

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