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Discussion in 'Cat and Pet Forum' started by yuckaduck, Jul 29, 2005.

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    Oh ya he did really well today won all his classes for me and my lesson kids. Just a schooling show but he does really well. He is a bit more reserved with the kids though. Also for those who are concerned about stallions in another thread here, Sonny is a stallion, Joker is a stallion, both rode in same trailer and stood side by side all day. Joker was a winner as well but I did not bother showing him, I let the kids show him. He is a gem.
    I did get told by one lady in a joking manner, darn stallions are recking havic on my classes today. Her mare was in heat and being a real butt. We were both laughing about it, horses are so funny? Love to embarrass at the right moment.

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