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Discussion in 'Dog Health Care' started by an5gel99, Dec 18, 2004.

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    My 23 wk old Min Pin's dewclaw was very long and today it just snapped off in the middle and didnt bleed. I wonder what the cause of this could have been. Does anyone have any clue about why this happened? please tell me if any of your dogs ever had this happen?
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    If just the nail snapped there's no reason for it to bleed. The only time a nail will bleed is if it's cut or torn into the quick - just like yours.

    You'll want to get a set of clippers for your dog's nails and clip them regularly. Some people use a dremel file. Either way, you just have to watch and not get into the pink "toe" inside the nail. It's a good idea to give the nail a few final swipes with a nail file if you use the clippers. It will smooth off the rough edges and help keep them from snagging and tearing.
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    thank you

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