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    I have a 70 lb puppy (Rhodesian/Boxer/Lab cross) He is basically going to be a very large dog. He has the most amount of energy i've ever seen out of any dog. His training is coming along great.
    Fully house broke, Sit, shake, leave it, drop it, no. Then comes his issue with body slamming. He will throw his entire weight of 70 lbs into you. You don't know when its coming or where it coming from. He sneaks up on you, runs full speed and throws his whole body into you and down to the floor you go.

    Does it to everyone. After your on the ground turns into what we call "Devil dog." He keeps doing it over and over. Can't catch him, he think its all a game. I've tried everything to break this awful habit. he won't stop. It's gotten to be a routine for him. He will sit on you and hold you to the ground. He is NOT being aggressive, this is how he "plays"

    I literally look like i'm an abused/battered woman with all the bruises,cuts, scraps i have from him. I really need him to stop. This is how he got booted out of his other home, they had young kids. Any suggestions to make him stop? Below is a picture of him. He is the dog on the top, you can just see his muscles and how powerful he could be. 6 months in this picture.

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