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    Hello fellow dog lovers,

    I had some folks suggest I ask the members of this forum, since they said it's one of the largest around, to help me on my "leash quest".

    About 2 months ago I went for a hike around Orlando, Florida with 2 of my dogs (a german shepard mix and a lab) and met a couple in the parking lot with a interesting leash.

    It was a basic utility leash but it had some grommets incerted into it as well as a short extra handle and an oval spring clip they called a "beener" (???).

    It was nothing real special but they said it was very versitile and useful and they're always finding new uses for it.

    The called it a Bingo Leash and said they bought them for some friends who also found they extremely useful.

    I started to look around in stores for them but no-one knew what I was talking about or even seen such a leash.:)

    I started to search on the internet but could not find anything :( . I've become obsessed with finding it.

    So I'm here on this forum hoping that someone might have or heard of this leash.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!


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