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    From: SavingDogs []
    Sent: Sunday, November 18, 2012 12:20 PM
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    "PLEASE CROSSPOST URGENT DOGS - NO CRAIG'S LIST OR SIMILAR SITES! - Shelter open Tues - Sat, closed Thursday for can begin to call tomorrow ~8:30am. 304-253-8921 .. Have a wonderful holiday everyone.. I thank God for you all everyday!

    To pull dogs please contact Humane Society of Raleigh County Inc., Beckley, WV- Phone: <tel:304-253-8921> 304-253-8921 or <tel:304-255-9134> 304-255-9134 (Volunteers can assist with transportation) Please call the shelter at the above phone number or email for questions.

    **Please DO NOT contact the shelter about the gassing! It only makes them not want to work with rescues and is counterproductive. It is not the shelters fault. The shelter has no say in what form of euthanasia is used...that's chosen by their municipality, not the shelter.

    See some pics here

    Billy #0221 - found with Hillary - very skinny young pups with bad flea allergy... poor babies need much TLC

    Hillary # 0221 - found with Billy - very skinny young pups with bad flea allergy... poor babies need much TLC

    Amy #0239 approx 1 - 1.5 yo female lab mix - loving doggie and very calm

    Kimbel - male - very sweet

    Patty #0233

    Thad #0235

    Elmer #0217

    Stalone #208 adult male GSD, very loving and sweet, just wants to be petted... stray 62lbs

    Beethoven # 0213 adult male St. Bernard

    Howard #0210 young male shep mix - 5-6mths old, 43lbs

    Champ - #120365 adult male pit mix - not very big, good with dogs. Was brought to the shelter in early August as an emaciated and neglected boy. He was on hold pending his neglect case and during that time, the staff and volunteers got Champ the medical attention needed so today he is a great and healthy boy. Already neutered, Champ's pull fee is sponsored for the rescue who pulls him.

    Zeb #120474 adult male mix - was abandoned by his family, they chained him to the kitchen table when they moved. does have some trust issues but needs rescue now. Already neutered, Zeb's pull fee is sponsored for the rescue who pulls him plus $50.00 sponsorship.

    Seth #120605 adult male hound mix, approx 1 yo, approx 35-40lbs - GREAT BOY..very happy and energetic. Already neutered, Seth's pull fee is sponsored for the rescue who pulls him.

    Archie #120225, approx 1yo lab mix with lots of energy. Great boy! His owner went to jail and Archie wound up in the shelter :( Already neutered

    Thor # 0134 - adult male lab mix - med sized sweet and friendly.. LOVES to go for walks :)

    Bingo #0144 adult male lab mix - 80lbs - very playful and wants attention

    Tinker #0160 adult female lab mix - loves to play catch and good with kids - medium sized - Already spayed!

    King #0192 adult male lab mix - found during the blizzard lying in the street trying to keep warm :( 76lbs, a bit skinny but a sweet and loving boy.

    Amber adult female mix - approx 65lbs - very sweet and loving..another favorite of the shelter staff and volunteers.. she cries daily waiting for her family but they never show..her sister was already adopted and she is so very alone. Already spayed! Amber's pull fee is sponsored for the rescue who pulls her!

    Cyrus #0013 adult male pit mix - med sized, not very large, 37lbs. Active but not crazy - has met a few dogs so far and liked them all - Already neutered - Pull fee sponsored for the rescue who pulls Cyrus!

    Rusty #0181 adult male lab mix, 65lbs - very loving and adorable - Already neutered

    Foster #0183 adult male pit mix - stunningly handsome - very energetic and playful... a great dog! - 60lbs

    Pull fees:

    Altered dogs = $85.00

    Non Altered dogs = $35.00

    All dogs have had a DHLPP vaccine

    If you pull just one dog, you save two lives, that dog and the dog taking the open kennel. Please help us to decrease the number of dogs euthanized in this shelter!

    God Bless,

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