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Discussion in 'Dog Training Forum' started by StillandSilent, Aug 12, 2006.

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    Some of you may remeber my post a few week ago about a very undersocialized shelter dog. Happily, Patriot has made great strides in only a few week and is doing excellent. He now comes to everyone he knows and is getting better and better about approaching strangers. However, he has one odd behaviour. When he meats certain new people, he barks loudly at them. he then runs away. There is no growling or lunging. There doesn't seem to be any common thread to these people. He has done it 5 times total in three weeks. It is both men and women, he doesn't seem to be worried about hats or dresses or certain colors.
    I guess the main question is whether or not I should be concerned. If I tell him "hush" he does and backs off. It doesn't seem like a huge deal, but I would hate to look back a few months from now and realize I should have done something.
    Patriots picture can be seen here for anyone looking for cuteness overload:

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