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    Recently, when the Kai-dog and I do agility, she sometimes stops in the middle. She'll just freeze, look at me, and wag her tail sort of slow. When she does this, it generally means I asked her to do something a little too soon, so I bend down and ask her if she's okay, which is her cue that it's time for cuddles. (When she knows she didn't do something right, she gets discouraged. She knows the cuddles aren't a reward, just reassurance that I still love her.) After a couple minutes, we try again and she's back to normal.

    Except recently, she's been stopping in the weirdest places. Like today, I had three jumps in a straight line and she stopped after the first one. I didn't bend down because I knew I wasn't asking for anything too hard, but I did ask her if she was okay.
    She came trotting over and tried to hump my leg.
    And the thing is, this is happening a lot. It's like she gets random... urges when we train and feels the need to deal with them right then and there. At least she doesn't just charge over and do it, but I'm afraid the "are you okay?" thing will turn into "why don't you just come over her and hump my leg!"

    Anyone dealt with a dog that did something similar? I sure haven't... Anything I should do to discourage it aside from just walking away?
    She's sixteen months old and spayed, by the way.

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