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Discussion in 'The Fire Hydrant' started by Izzy's Valkyrie, Feb 28, 2012.

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    Ok so this is random but a friend of mine from the blogging community is going to be put on eviction notice if she can't pay her rent (early no less) so she put together a huge raffle with three prizes made of huge amounts of donations of various beauty products from fellow bloggers. She's super close to making it, only $160 away so if you could help her out by entering the raffle ($5 a ticket) or just feel like sending something to help out, I know she'd appreciate it. She's had Lyme for 22 years and has a young daughter at home. Her husband was laid off for nearly a month and since she had the great misfortune to get pneumonia this past month as well, they went deep int he hole :(

    Please help of you can! If you can't no worries, she'd appreciate any healthy vibes sent her way as well :)

    ETA: There is a huge donation from Darling Clandestine to give you an idea of how awesome this lady is :)

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