Autumn reading?

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    One and a half weeks of August left (I know!!) then we head into September...still quite warm and even hot in some places I know - but here we're getting a preview of fall already. Leaves scattered about on the ground, nights getting cooler, days getting shorter, the sun not quite as high as it was just a week ago...

    This fall will probably not be very festive for me - everyone is back at school/work and there's nothing much to do with no one to do it with. And unless I nail down a job soon or the firm selects me for a project - I'll be staying in most of the time.

    So I plan to read; There are a few new titles I'll be exploring as well as some older ones I really want to re-read from quite a time ago. What I read differs from season to season... Spring is usually something lighter/blissfully thoughtful, Summer is gossipy/trashy fun or biographies/poetry, Fall is crime, epic poetry, mystery, and erotica, Winter is tragedy, drama and abit of sci-fi.

    We'll focus on autumn reading lists now though...

    On my list is:

    By Persons Unknown: The Strange death of Christine Demeter, 1977 by George Jonas/Barbara Amiel. A Canadian true crime book.
    Psycho USA: Famous American Killers you've never heard of
    Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman
    The Robber Bride
    Wilderness Tips - Short stories by Margaret Atwood
    Darkness Moves: An Henri Michaux Anthology
    Juilette by Marquise De Sade

    Will probably last me through till new year's lol

    What's on everyone else's lists?

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