As per request Central Asian LGDS

Discussion in 'The Dog Breeds' started by planet molosser, Oct 18, 2006.

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    LOL Thanks so much you would not be the first I have a dep from a man serving not due to retire in 4 years...

    I think they look kinda cute.

    IN breeding you need a BIG boy every 3-4 generations to maintain correst size and infuse a bit of bone...

    When my biy boy passsews on he is now 10 years old this March I will have to look for a new stud....To breed females sired by Teddy and Coz since his kid Jlo will be out of breeding by then.

    Wait to you see our new girl we named her FoxFire Ice Ice Baby born during the bad ice storm here on Feb 10th. She was a project 6 years in the making.
    To get her from 3 generations of outcrosses is going to be a shocker..

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