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Discussion in 'The Fire Hydrant' started by Kaydee, Jul 7, 2012.

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    I've got an interview cha cha cha...I haven't been a pharmacy tech yet, but a year of nursing school and lots of retail experience...

    Does anybody have experience as a pharmacist or technician that can tell me how to ace the interview? I'm older, can be a plus in some jobs compared to just out of high school. In a drug store it's great cause all the seniors are automatically drawn to you...oy, that I hear all their digestive issues in great detail...but that's okay, I'm getting paid while I listen:rofl1:

    Suggestions and positive vibes greatly appreciated!!!!!!:hail:
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    I'm a Tech. Been working in an independent Pharmacy for near 6 years (started in highschool)

    Is it a chain your interviewing at?

    I would stress that you're good at helping older people, relating and empathizing. Being able to multitask is big, you'll be helping customers, answering phones, counting pills and keeping it all straight. You have to be able to keep all the little details straight but able to deal with all the bigger stuff going on around you. I know where I work I'm everywhere, I'm behind the pharmacy counting pills, I'm out in the store helping with wheelchairs and bath benches, I'm finding outdates, cleaning shelves etc.

    The nursing experience is a big help. Knowing about a lot of the OTC drugs and the durable medical equipment would be a huge plus but so would be being able to pick it up quick. Knowing anything about Medicare might be a plus.

    It is very big on customer service, being cheerful but real and able to listen and handle it when you ask someone how they are and they tell you their wife just died.

    It's one of those jobs you gotta learn a lot and keep learning because things are always changing with insurance and drugs and generics etc. So being able to keep up with that, learn all you can and try to alleviate all you can from the pharmacists shoulders is a huge plus.

    I'll keep thinking of anything to add though! Good luck!!
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    I worked as a pharmacy tech at one time. I don't know what to tell you though about the interview. I had been a medical assistant before that. Maybe that helped me plus I was a good sales person and one of my duties was to sell drugs (lol) that were nearing expiration to the other Bartell stores when we didn't need them anymore. I had to find stores where they had customers (and we no longer did) who needed some of the very expensive drugs like cancer drugs and some others. Some of the stores said they didn't need them, but I often convinced them that they did. lol. Otherwise our store would lose money. So, having been a sales person helped me in that capacity. The head pharmacist loved listening to the phone conversations while she was doing her work...she'd laugh a lot. I rather enjoyed that job, even though it meant standing on my feet all day and counting a lot of pills, doing computer stuff, which I don't particularly like and ringing up customers. One time I made a mistake and charged someone $8,000 dollars instead of $80.00 or something like that. It was right away fixable...embarrassing but funny. We all had a good laugh over that one. You should have seen the customer's face. lol. I was in my 40's. Yes, it helps I think with the older, sick customers. I think you'd enjoy the job. Good luck. Just show that you're a people person, that you'd be interested in this kind of work and I think you'll do just fine. Lots of vibes headed your way.
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    Big thanks to both of you!!!! At least I feel more prepared, if I can stand out in the interview and get hired I know I can figure out anything I have to do. It is a chain so there's the corporate standard, then the way it's actually done, I do honestly enjoy making people happy, and mega multi tasking is better than bored...I'm psyched

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