Any kibble my dog will actually eat?

Discussion in 'Dog Food and Recipes' started by GeAnnMarie, May 30, 2005.

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    My dog is an extremely picky eater. Recently we switched to home cooked because he refused to eat any of the kibble we gave him and was losing weight. But, we have been traveling a lot lately and have tried switching back to kibble. Are there any that he might actually like?

    Currently I am trying Innove Evo and the Buffalo Blue brand. He will barely touch either. I have even tried pouring a little gravy on the kibble, still won't touch it. Any suggestions. I have tried not feeding him any other treats, etc until he eats his kibble, which he will eventually, but he only gets about 1/3rd the food he should be everyday.

    I need help with this....thanks!

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