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Discussion in 'Dog Food and Recipes' started by Kaydee, Jul 27, 2012.

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    Advice about antlers please. I tried the idea last night of boiling the moose antler in chicken stock then soaking it overnight. She's had the antler a few months, half chewed but still a good size. The store guy was right the added flavor makes it waaaay yummy again!!! Plus the boiling probably cleaned it a bit.

    Another question is how long before you toss antlers??? I give her rawhides and bones and usually just throw out the itty bitty pieces of what's left within days, minutes sometimes. If I find a stray edible under the bed, under a chair and it's in good shape I dust off the fur or maybe rinse and dry it. Obviously if it looks or smells bad I get rid of it immediately.

    But how long can you safely keep edible treats around?:confused:
    I don't let her take anything outside ever. She can chew sticks outside but I can imagine a stuffed thing getting under a bush, drooly already...then getting rained on...then drying out in the dirt, then the dog finds it again...mmm delish!!!
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    With a plain antler I would feel fine leaving it around for years honestly, I don't think they go bad. BUT once you've put it in chicken broth I don't know, I'd assume the broth would go bad fairly quickly, I'm not sure.

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