Akward moments?

Discussion in 'The Fire Hydrant' started by Kilter, Dec 9, 2012.

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    Thought it'd be a good way to cheer up, stolen from another post....

    I'll even start.

    I was working as a nursing attendant and it was a veteran's hospital. In case anyone doesn't know what the job is like, part of it is doing total care for residents who can't otherwise care for themselves - including very personal care since many can't hold their bladders etc...

    Anyway they had remembrance day services in the big hall, and we had taken a bunch of the guys down to watch, all in wheelchairs. I sat next to one fellow who was sweet but not quite in his right mind - he often called me 'June' thinking I was his wife. So it's all rather quiet since most people are just chatting to each other.

    All of a sudden in a very, very loud voice he grabs my thigh and says "JUNE! Make love to me like you did last night, I just love you" and then when I quickly took his hand off and put it in his lap he said 'Don't be like that! Oh, Just make love to me here then'.......:yikes:

    Looked up and yep, most of the people there had heard and were looking. I quickly took him out and back up to his room to watch TV.

    He was the most entertaining resident anyway with some of the things he'd come up with. Just had to watch where he was sometimes.
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    Gotta wonder where they thought you were taking him . . . June! ;)

    The one that stands out is the time I was meeting some friends I knew from the lake at a club in Knoxville. One of the guys was the owner.

    I got there, the place was crowded -- naturally -- and dude and some of the other people were near the bar. I waved. Dude looks at me for a moment.

    I stop in my tracks.

    He looks at me funny.

    I'm wondering what's wrong, doing a quick check to make sure my skirt's not hiked up over my ass or something.



    Or there was the time at the falls -- really fresh, cold waterfall where we'd go cool off in the summer and I had on a bathing suit that was all complicated and criss-crossed. When I stepped under the water the thing whooshed down around my ankles. All I could do was step out of it, pick it up and walk over to the table where I'd put my towel :eek:

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