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    Gracie gets along with other dogs (as long as they don't jump on her) outside our home. My mom's puppy she has a HUGE amount of patience with. Turning her head from side to side, accepting licks. Only getting aggravated with her when she constantly jumps on her. Even then she warning growls or very rarely will snap, but purposely never comes in contact.
    We tried once to bring my mom's gsd(not the puppy, this was her dog before the puppy) over to our house. They had played together since Gracie was a puppy, always getting along. But we never brought her to OUR house only us going to theirs. We didn't try it until Gracie was grown. It was a definite fail, Gracie growled the entire time the gsd was there.
    We thought after that it would never work out with her and another animal in our house. The kittens we fostered lived in our bathroom. Until Zoey. We introduced them slowly, told Gracie how great she was when she was gentle and got on to her when she was too rough. Now Gracie tolerates Zoey,occasionally playing with her. When Gracie doesn't want to be bothered she will growl, Zoey has no idea what this I intervene and get Zoey interested in something else. On a few occasions I didn't get there in time and rather than snap Gracie will move away from Zoey. The one time she did snap, again purposely no contact.

    Took me a lot of back story here but I needed to explain all of this (thank you for reading!!)
    We would like to try fostering puppies as well. Do you think Gracie would be ok with them as well? Is it just other grown animal's she won't tolerate in the house? Would a puppy be too active for her to be ok with?

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