A Stiff One

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    The following story sounds a little fishy to me. Is he on the drug to help his heart or his self confidence? You be the judge…

    Talisker, a border collie, was living on borrowed time after vets found his heart had become dangerously enlarged.

    The dog, three, from Yardley Hastings, Northamptonshire, passes out when he gets excited because his blood cannot pump quickly enough around his body.

    But, since taking Viagra , the blood flow to Talisker’s heart has improved, according to owner Lesley Strong, 58

    I understand the worry about the heart becoming dangerously enlarged, but apparently it’s not a worry if other parts of his body do so as well.

    Vets advised Ms Strong to give Viagra to the dog after they found he was suffering from a potentially lethal heart condition.

    It causes great hilarity at the chemist’s when I pick up the prescriptionsâ€, Strong, a former pub landlady, said: “We were very surprised when we were recommended Viagra.â€

    She added, “Fortunately I already had a stash of the blue pill for Talisker’s father because, you know, he has an enlarged heart too.â€

    “He [the border collie] is happy and healthy apart from the heart.â€

    And outside of having to walk around with a noticeable limp when he’s medicated, you wouldn’t know he was on the stuff.

    Now Talisker takes one quarter of a Viagra tablet three times a day and an eighth of an aspirin tablet daily.

    The dog, who is named after a single malt whiskey, has had the condition since June last year.

    Strong cautioned, “The only thing I need to be careful of is if he limps around for more than four hours straight. If so then I need to call his vet immediately.â€
    (www.boknowsonline.com, a blog by a dog for all dogs)
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