A Breeder who Breeds more than 1 Breed?

Discussion in 'The Breeding Ground' started by Doggie07, Jan 20, 2011.

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    I rarely am put off immediately by breeders breeding multiple breeds, likely due to coming from a family that bred BC's for farmwork and Labrador Retrievers for field work. There are real reasons why people could own two, even very different, breeds so it is always better to ask rather than assume if you are unsure.

    As far as numbers, keep in context the breeders arena of competition and their breed. A show only breeder pushing 40 dogs would put me on edge, however a Siberian husky breeder who races two teams in long distance races (12-18 member teams) with only 40 dogs and I would be downright ecstatic about the kennel size and even consider it relatively small.

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