Zoey was involved in a coyote attack. (Warning gore)

Discussion in 'Dogs - General Dog Chat' started by katielou, Jul 9, 2013.

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    Now that I'm dogless :(, it's kind of odd that suddenly I see a lot of coyotes around now, maybe King and Molly, as old as they were, scared them off. There seems to be some kind of animal population explosion this year, baby raccoons all over the place, possums, groundhogs, and logically, coyotes to eat them. A friend of mine who has two JRTs had to intervene one night last month when a pair of coyotes jumped his fence and tried to get the pup, who is about 6 months old and clueless as pups always are. The only damage was a couple of bruises from bites that didn't really break the skin, and a hole in one ear. They are looking for a big dog to adopt, one that the coyotes wouldn't mess with. Anything bigger than they are seems to scare them off.

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