Your dog vs family dog

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    They didn't start out as mine and yours with the exception of Ivan. Peewee is the "family" dog, but his favorite person is Steven. After him, we(the kids and I) are all liked equally. I think. LOL
    Ivan is 110% mine and has been that way since day one. Steven has always said that if something where to happen to me, he would have to have Ivan PTS. Because he would pine away for me. If Ivan had his way, no one else would exsist in the world but me.
    Our dalmatian before Ivan, choose Katie(the daughter) as HERS. We got Chloe with the intent of her being the family dog. At the time we brought Chloe home, Katie was only 5. So she did no training, feeding or anything with her.
    I think some dogs, no matter who the primary caregiver is, just pick a favorite.
    I will say it is a common theme in this house to say your dog or my dog.

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