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Discussion in 'The Fire Hydrant' started by Whisper, Dec 23, 2011.

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    Do you have a list (doesn't have to be a formal written out list like I have, lol) of things you want to do before you die, or reach a certain age?

    I do, and here's mine:
    -Milk a cow.
    -Watch every single classic movie (pre-1960) that's ever been available on VHS or DVD.
    -Publish a book.
    -Start my own animal rescue.
    -Work "hands-on" helping to repopulate endangered wolves, including working on how to keep wolf packs from ranches.
    -Become a dog trainer the likes of Patricia McConnell (I know I couldn't reach that kind of caliber, don't laugh!)
    -Be fluent in at least 2 other languages (at least living by the border I have a head start with Spanish!)
    -Swim with dolphins
    -Go to the Louvre
    -Visit the Smithsonian
    -Go to Jamestown, NY on Lucille Ball's birthday
    -Make art worth selling
    -Learn to make dog collars
    -Make my own dress (that doesn't look like a burlap sack)
    -Do research on my family history until I have a detailed family tree.
    -Make a real difference in someone's life

    There are more, and as life works, I'll spontaneously do things that would have been on a list.

    Anyway, anyone else think about things they want to do before a certain time?
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    1. Marry my best friend
    2. Learn to surf
    3. Knit a sweater
    4. Go to wizarding world of harry potter
    5. Go to Disney world
    6. Learn how to do archery
    7. Live in NYC
    8. Own a pair of louboutins
    9. Have my dream wedding
    10. Get a tattoo
    11. Get in a food fight
    12. Go on a date with myself
    13. Go to Central park
    14. Go on a road trip
    15. Write a book
    16. Learn to play a pretty song on the piano
    17. Ride the subway in New York
    18. See the northern lights
    19. Do it on a plane
    20. Jump into a taxi and yell "FOLLOW THAT CAR!"
    21. Go to best friends animal sanctuary. Adopt a pet.
    22. Drive a vespa
    23. Cook an entire meal from sratch (appetizer, entree, desert..) myself and have it taste.. decent lol
    24. Learn to waltz
    25. Waltz with someone
    26. Be in the best shape of my life
    27. Wear a yellow polka dot bikini
    28. Design my dream dress, wear it on a night out with the man I love
    29. Watch a sunset/sunrise
    30. Send a secret to post secret
    31. Send up a sky lantern
    32. Visit the worlds largest aquarium in Atlanta
    33. Plant a tree
    34. Read the harry potter books out loud to a child
    35. Go to Russia
    36. Live in downtown manhattan
    37. Create and finish a scrapbook
    38. Pet a wolf
    39. Kiss under the mistletoe
    40. have a new years kiss
    41. Meet JK rowling
    42. Ride in a gondola
    43. Go to a horse race. Bet some $ on a horse

    There are 100 but I will spare y'all from all of it lol
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    My list is on my wall. I can see it right now.

    * Ride a horse.
    * Go base-jumping or para-sailing.
    * Learn to play an instrument and stick with it.
    * Learn to speak another language capably.
    * Finish a dual GRCH (by that I mean a UKC and ADBA GRCH APBT)
    * Finish a UD (Utility Dog)
    * Write a book
    * Visit the mountains
    * Visit Japan
    * Visit the ocean again
    * Fly a plane
    * Visit the Grand Canyon
    * Visit the Great Wall
    * "Touch a young man" (something my friend said once, that everybody should touch a young man, referring to these super- super-hot college brats, LOL)
    * Learn an enjoyable trade
    * Fly a model plane
    * Buy an old coin-op arcade game
    * Go scuba diving
    * Finish a Superdog (UKC unofficial title)
    * End dual registration. Ha! (This actually happened. The UKC closed the APBT stud books, so you can no longer take an AKC AmStaff and register it as a UKC APBT.)
    * Eat saganaki
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    Well, my Ginny . . . you can cross the last one off your list :)

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