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    4Dogs3Cats, This is why sometimes I LOVE how much knowledge i have about dogs!

    I went down to bring keely for a walk and decided to drop into bears house so keely could plauy a little.. OIne problem, When i was walking up the driveway, a lady that lives down the road was there with her JRT. This dog HATES other dogs. Numorous times we have walked past her house I have had to pick keely up cause' the dog has found a way out and is running across the road to get her..

    When we got there, JRT was lunging and bearing her teeth trying to get to keely. But Then I noticed something, call me crazy but she didnt actually seem truly agreesive (yea, Most people arent crazy and would have looked at the lunging growling and teeth bearing as aggressive) ..

    So i said "Let her go" To the lady.. And she did. (She had a flexy leash and she still had a hold of her but she had slack.. She greeted keely. But it was obvious she was poorly socialized. She didnt know what to do. She went after keely a few times. Nothing too serious. Keely didnt push it with her. And just stayed relaxed and let her sniff. (I swear keely is such a good girl with dogs).

    I took the JRT from the owner with permission and showed her what a correction was. And showed her when NOT to do it.(When she is trying to greet the dog and is stiff, dont want the dog to react in a bad way.)

    So i corrected the dog a few times when she acted up. (I earned her trust first so she didnt react badcley towards me) and she is a TOTAL lovebug in under all her insecurities..

    I came to find out she was taken from her mom WAY to early and was NEVER properly socialized..

    I showed her different training techniques and in about 10 minutes the JRT went from Trying to eat keely to running around the fenced yard off leash and playing like a normal dog.. She showed NO bad signs towards keely after. It was amazing.

    We discussed food. She is going to switch from kibbles and bits to wellness.

    We even discussed the proper way to walk her...
    No more flexy leash. And the dog is being taught how to walk next to her instead of all over the place. She is getting a martingasle for her.

    Im excited. I found somebody that would LISTEN to what I know! Somebody that actually cares enough to listen and not just brush advice off as unimportant! ..

    I offered to work with her and her dog further. She asked if a charged anything and all i could say was "God NO, I dont charge for something that i love doing! " Plus its good for keely, she has a new friend that is her own size!
    So I have to find a trime between now and the tenth to work with her and the dog and maybe take the dog offf her hands for a bit so keely can have a playdate

    I have known this dog for over a year and have never known her name. I have learned that her name is "Special" and what a special girl she is

    Im so happy! The dog will be so much better off now!

    Thanks to the members here and on other forums for advice in the past obn training!
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    That's great you were able to help, and the lady was willing to listen and not get upset about your 'taking control'. :)

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