Wrong Turn (Also: Random People are Awesome)

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    Hit the woods trails with all three tonight. Took an odd turn and ended up running 6 miles with hills instead of the planned 4.5. Great evening for a run, dirt trails in good condition, and the dogs were moving comfortably...just a nice night. Until...

    I managed to drop my keys on some secluded trail...didn't realize until up to a mile later...backtracked with my heart in my throat thinking of the dry stream bed I'd followed for a while and praying they weren't somewhere in there...soon an older couple we'd passed 15-20 minutes earlier appeared around a bend heading my way.

    As soon as they saw us heading in the opposite direction they shouted "did you by chance lose your keys???" Apparently they saw the keys and cut their own walk short to head back to the parking lot the way most likely to intercept me on the chance the keys had just been dropped and they were mine or belonged to someone else still present.

    I love when random strangers absolutely reinforce my faith in humanity. Thanked the couple profusely, claimed my keys, and tied the darn things to the loop in one of the leashes like I should have done in the first place.

    Kim and Mira swam in the river a bit afterwards and Web waded. Good times had by all.

    They had an hour and half walk earlier in the day (with hubby) plus my usual morning walk.

    Two dogs are now out cold, the third is sitting next to me with a Holee Roller in her mouth, looking hopeful :) Ah the joys of a working Flat-Coat

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