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    Today was really the icing on the cake for the work I have been doing with Duke and his reactivity. With the snow almost gone I took Duke out to begin rollar blade training him. We were just working on basic safety commands like drop,sit, stay, turn and skate awareness ( he tends to get right in front of me) when a man with two offleash dogs came are way. Of course I got the famous dont worry their friendly line, so I told Duke to get into a drop and ackwardly shuffled myself so that if all went wrong I'd have better control of him ( considering I was on rollar blades) I asked him to get his dogs as obviously I was on rollar blades and he called them, of course they ignored them and both walked up to Duke and began to sniff him. Duke was AMAZING he didnt growl, he didnt bark, he didnt lunge he just calmly got up, sniffed their rear ends as they sniffed his and the owner came and collected the dogs.

    Less then three months ago this would not have been possible.

    His reactivity while hasnt disapeared and probably never will completely seems to be managable as he gains more and more confidence from safe interactions with dogs. Last week I brought him to an off leash dog trail and let him off lead with his head halter he met a total of five dogs, not only did he greet all of them politely he even played with five of them play bowing, with all nice manners!

    This month marks the 14th month I've been working with Duke since his reactivity manifested itself at the age of six months old. It's taken three levels of OB to gain control and build confidence, behaviour consultations and work with way way way too many back slides but it was all worth it.

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