Why I can't wait to move out.

Discussion in 'Dogs - General Dog Chat' started by mrose_s, Mar 26, 2008.

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    I can't wait to move out because

    - I can have a cute ceramic bowl with paw print patterns on it for Buster that lives in the kitchen. As opposed to 4 stainless steel bowls on the verandah.
    - I can sit on the floor and not have to fend off three dogs to just talk to mine.
    - Dinner time will take a few seconds to prepare, instead of involving setting up 4 bowls, weighing out 4 meals, adding approprtiate things in the appropriate way and sorting out the order in which to feed.
    - When training, I don't have to shepherd dogs to a different area
    - There won't be much noise
    - When leaving the house I don't have to coordinate animals into 2 or 3 differnt categories and divide them appropriatley
    - When I cook up a big pot of dog meat, I can divide it out over a week, I don't have to feed it all straight away then go back and cook the next nights meal.
    - When I'm trying to go to bed, I will only have Buster, not Mac crammed in under the blankets and Elliot screaming his head off and standing on my back

    Yes... I love having four dogs but I am so looking forward to having 1.

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