while at the doc's today

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    getting my sonogram..the tech had on a scrub with dogs and dogs prints..i asked her if she was a dog person..and she said "oh big time" then told me about her two rescue dogs. How she had one that passed on and how sad the other was, wouldn't eat.lost zest of life, so she adopted a second from adoptafest at petsmart..Connie Guthrie's gang strikes again! SHe said that was the woman responsible for her finding the dog she is so happy with now. she said that between her sister, her mother and herself they have i think she said 8 rescue animals. I haven't heard from Connie as to if she got her van or not..i know she is a busy busy woman..and here is the proof of her good works. Go Connie..my heart will always be with you. Save_Our_Strays@hotmail.com :D

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