What is your morning routine?

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    Wake up,take the dogs out potty, wake kids up, take kids to school, walk the shelter dogs, clean house, take 2-3 dogs out for a walk (they have a schedule so they all get rotated in and out with each other all week) eat lunch with hubby, then watch tv or fold laundry or play around on the computer, kids come home and we typically all go outside to hang out as long as the weather is good, then its dinner time, then bath time for the kids, then stories and everyone off to bed :) And I randomly work on obedience throughout the week.
    Our weekends usually we rotate one we of take all the kids and dogs out to the lake trails or some other fun place so we can all go out and walk and have a picnic and then the next we do family stuff like mini golf, going to the park ect :)

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