What are your Dog's Favorite Things?

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Jett29, Sep 5, 2004.

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    I am new here so this is just to get to know you and your dogs.

    What does your dog like to do?

    Here is a List of Wishbone's Favorite Things

    1. Napping on top of the sofa
    2. Begging
    3. Watching Mommy( me, of course!) cook and hoping something will drop on the floor
    4. Giving Mommy face and ear kisses
    5. Meeting new people ( He Loves everybody!!!)
    6. Going for walkies
    7. Playing with Jake ( my mom's beagle mix)
    8. Sleeping under the covers with Mommy at night
    9. Laying on Mommy's chest
    10. Riding in the car
    11. Playing with his toys. His favorite is a mooing cow toy.
    12. Chasing and attacking the vacuum
    13. Chasing his ball
    14. Barking at squirrels, cats, and other little creatures[​IMG]
    15. Being my very best friend in the world
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    Well, Bimmer's very favorite thing is when everyone (meaning Shiva and Kharma) are behaving themselves. That doesn't happen very often. He also lives in anticipation of Charley coming home in the evening and taking the Jeep out in the pasture to count the cows, and he loves it when we tell him to go to work and he gets to herd. He loves to hunt, especially groundhogs, which are evidently extremely tasty, although he likes rabbits, too.

    Shiva loves attention - lots of it. She loves to lay that big head across your lap and have a head massage. She also loves any kind of stolen food - especially peanut butter. She also likes to hunt and since she hasn't caught a rabbit yet, she's very fond of groundhogs. Shiva also likes to carry the broom, duster, dustpan, and any other kind of household tool around.

    Kharma . . . Kharma loves being the center of attention - unless she's up to something naughty. Then she'll get Shiva cranked up about something so we're paying attention to Shiva so that Kharma can go do whatever it is she's got on her devious little mind. She loves to hunt, too, and caught her first groundhog when she was 5 months old. They all love their cookies (especially the Mother Hubbard Couch Potato treats), but Kharma turns into the Cookie Monster when she sees the bag come out. She shakes and cries and her eyes get wide until she gets her cookie.

    Both girls love to get in the wading pool and put their heads under water and blow bubbles. Bimmer likes to get in it and cool off. He's also taught both girls to get in and clean off if they're muddy. Both girls also like to get in the car and go places with me and socialize. Bimmer likes to go with me, too, but he doesn't really want anything to do with strangers. Kharma doesn't like most strangers, but she loves being adored. Shiva loves to be petted and must be friendlier than any Fila that ever lived.
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    Well, considering I've only had Josie the Wonderdog for about 48 hours, my list is relatively short:

    *Cat Toys. She has managed to find every GD cat toy that my cats have hidden in every nook and cranny of the house and subsequently forgotten about. She chews on the roaring lion toy then growls at it. :)

    *Sleeping on the futon in my music/computer studio.

    *People food. :mad: *Bad Dog!*

    *Chasing her tail.

    *Running in circles around nothing in particular.

    *Her fancy-a$s neighbor dogs: an overrated Lab and an ancient Westie.

    *Swimming (Bonus).

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    Brady's likes (or loves) are:

    His girlfriend - Jenny, a chocolate lab.

    Peanut butter - he'll even hunt me down if I am eating peanut butter captain crunch.

    stealing flip flops and important papers and having me or my husband chase him down for them.

    his squeaky toys, cow hooves, and bones.

    watching out the windows - - - - constantly.

    torturing the cat ever so slightly as to not get into TOO much trouble about it.

    and me and my husband ;)

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