Ways to get kicked out of walmart

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    pay for everyting in pennies!
    go into the gun depatment and ask the manager where the anit-depressants are
    go into the craft department and get a big peice of wood. the go to the clothes department and hide in the racks. when someone walks by jump out and scream "you stole my blakie!" and chase them around the store
    Go to the changing place, wait a few minutes, then yell "WHERES THE TOILET PAPER???"
    get a bunch of stuffed animals and have a tea party in one of the isales
    Throw randow items at a clerk
    Race shopping carts with a friend and hit into things.
    smear melted chocolat all over the bathroom stall
    go into the bathroom with a milky way bar. skish it between your hands. then when someone walkes into the stall next to you, reach your hand under and ask for toilet paper
    Jump inside that M&M guy that holds the M&Ms! And eat them all!
    go into the bike department and ride one of the bikes around the store saying that you are taking it on a "test drive"
    Take things out of peoples carts and throw them at other people!
    go into the electroinic depatment and "re-alphabitize" the C-D's
    Open all the food in the food department!
    Switch the price tags!
    go to the shoe dapatment and tryone every shoe without putting them back and take the little paper from inside them and throw it into the other lanes
    get some friends then go into the pillow department and have an all out pillow fight including some horrified customers.
    Go through wal-mart putting all of the stuff you like in one or two or three or four carts and leave all the stuff in the last aisle for the employees to put away...
    wait until there is someone in the stall next to you in the bathroom then sing "when your sitting on the john and the toilet papers gone be a man use your hand"Have melted chocolate on your hand that the person's stall is on and ask can I have some toilet paper

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