Was Your Wedding What You Expected???

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    It was everything I dreamed it would be
    It went pretty much according to plan except a few details
    It was very stressful at times, we should have eloped, but it was okay
    It totally rocked, even with the bridesmaid dancing on the table
    It was a disaster I'd rather not revisit

    Trying to create a poll, don't know if it's gonna work

    Anyway, my niece's wedding a few weeks ago took me back to my own and those unforseen things that make your wedding a once in a lifetime affair. For those of you that have gotten married already feel free to share. If you haven't done it yet your time will indeed come...so just have a laugh anyway.

    Four highlights from our special day:

    The minister and limo driver almost coming to blows when the bridal party arrived late, such colorful language from a man of the cloth...

    The reception was everything a huge Italian wedding should be, everyone danced the night away. Especially the best man and one of the groomsmen who danced with everyone present including each other...totally appalling the conservative side of the family

    Another groomsman being busted in the parking lot for creative smoking

    Finally one of the aunts well into her cups yelling "Where's my bottle!!!!???" repeatedly near the end, Sambuca bottles were the favors and I dunno...maybe she had already finished the ones on her table?

    But looking back I would do it all over again absolutely
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    If you create a poll, you must include "Wedding Cake" as one of the options.... ;)

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