URGENT ! The New Haven Animal Shelter CT beyond full ! Need rescues to pull dogs now

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    Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 9:43 AM
    Subject: URGENT ! The New Haven Animal Shelter is beyond full ! Need rescues to pull dogs now ! New Haven, CT


    Please take a look at the Petfinder page of the Robin I Kroogman New Haven Animal Shelter. They are full, full, full !
    New Haven holds 64 dogs and cats and presently they have over 70 dogs.
    Please rescues, we need you.
    The dogs with the lowest I.D. numbers have been there the longest and desperately need a new place to go. Consider one of them.
    Contact Delette at 203-464-2457 or poomeister@hotmail.com. I can be texted also.
    Transportation can be provided to rescues and other shelter who would like to help a dog.
    All New Haven dogs are vaccinated. Please crosspost.
    Thank you and I am awaiting your call.
    Delette Corwel
    Rescue Coordinator
    Friends of the New Haven Animal Shelter

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