URGENT- Dog needs out by tomorrow in CA! Please help Hope

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    There is a dog in Kingsburg, CA that needs help. She needs someone to give her a foster or forever home.

    She would be pulled from Fresno's Animal Compassion Team. A foster home would just have to worry about providing food and shelter. ACT provides all vaccinations and spay/neuter. They need to know that they have someone before they can pull her.

    Kingsburg does not have an animal shelter. They keep their animals at public works, and then give them to the pound. Hope goes to the pound tomorrow at 3 pm. Our pound is not a place a dog wants to be. We have one of the worst kill rates in the nation.

    My family is fostering the last dog that was there, but we are filled to capacity now. Please help!!

    contact ACT at: Welcome to Animal Compassion Team of California
    Facebook page: Animal Compassion Team of California (ACT) | Facebook

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