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    For everyone that gave me advice before our last trial I just wanted to say thank you! We did some weave/contact proofing and I worked on my pulls. It all didnt work as well as I wanted to, meaning I made a bunch of mistakes handling. We did okay though! She got 5/10 Qs and her first title :). I also talked to some people about taking classes, and I joined a club! We actually just got back from our first lessons. My first ever class, ever. I got a lot of advice on handling and I plan to work on it this week :D.

    Here is the trial video for those who want to see it!

    YouTube - In The Zone NADAC March 2010 trial

    Maverick makes a short appearance. He is my 'foster failure' He came into my life pretty much on a whim and I hadnt intended on really keeping him, and I didnt want another dog at the time I got him but, Hes grown on me a lot :D

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