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    hi everybody, i've just finished a feature film, Away To Me, which at its core is about the relationship between man and dog, set against the sport of competitive sheepherding. there are two videos on the film's website, which we are updating, and we are submitting to film festivals starting this week.

    i'm a hard core dog lover, and while this film basically features border collies (i, though, have a parson russell terrier -- there is a photo of me and my dog on the website) working sheep, it is a film designed to appeal to the broad dog lover in all of us!

    the film's website is http://www.sheepdogmovie.com and the Facebook page is Away To Me (Sheepdog Movie).

    I wanted to bring it to your attention, it's a family friendly movie that will appeal to both kids and to adults. Surprisingly suspenseful action on the field, with GREAT characters. Check out the two videos on the website, and if interested you can "like" the FB page or sign up for more information on the website.

    All the best --

    Drew Hadra

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