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Discussion in 'Dog Health Care' started by Maxy24, Dec 19, 2011.

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    Last night I sat down on the couch and Tucker jumped up on my lap and started rubbing his face all over my shirt. It's not all that uncommon for him to do that a little but he just didn't stop. I looked down and saw a bump on his muzzle, at first I thought he'd just messed up his fur but I looked closer and it was clearly a bump. Then it started to grow and he had a big lump in his nose and it spread over the rest of his muzzle and he looked like a little chow. After a few hours the swelling started to go down and by the morning it was back to normal. However mom said he was scratching his face all night. Today he seemed okay...his lip looked a little poofy this morning but I might have been imagining it. But then he starting getting itchy, now he's itchy all over. He's biting at his back, chewing his belly, scratching in his ears, rubbing his face on the carpet, he's just uncomfortable.

    Last night we assumed he'd gotten bitten by a spider or something like that, it's too cold for bees and since it starting as one bump it seemed logical that it was a bite, there is no noticeable mark. But I don't know why he'd be itchy all over 24 hours later. The itchiness has gotten worse all day. I'm not even sure the swelling last night is related to the itching today, but I just assumed that it was.

    Anyone have any ideas what it could be? Do you think we should be concerned?

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