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Discussion in 'Dog Training Forum' started by Linds, Dec 17, 2013.

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    We're sort of taking a break on some things and reevaluating. I think I need to integrate impulse control games into more aspects of our lives, and increase my criteria at home/on walks. He is doing well on skills, and often has a higher skill level than most dogs in our classes, but is so impulsive that I end up more frustrated than anything.

    I hope to pass our ORT in January (just signed up, hope I get in) so we can do our first nosework trial in April (right in my town!). I don't really plan to increase my training, just keep attending classes. Watson's a natural at nosework and his alert has really solidified in the last couple months.

    Finally, I want to make a resolution to work on show handling more. I go to handling classes once in a while, but I really need to actually practice outside of class. I don't really like practicing it, and Watson isn't crazy about stacking ("Standing still is boring!"), but that's exactly why we need to work on it more and make it fun. Once he gets to the show, he's having way too much fun, and sometimes training goes out the window. Haha. Next show is probably mid-March - the New England Sporting Dog Association. Also, being able to get a nice free stack would be so cool, since the spaniel people normally don't bother (at least at the class level) and it might help him stand out.

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